Tired of feeling powerless when pricing wedding invitations? 


Tired of lowering your invoices out of fear?

Tired of that little voice in your head telling you "they'll never pay that much"? 

Tired of wondering what your competitors are charging, or why someone on Etsy is so much cheaper?


Stop wondering - take back the power in your stationery business

with Power in Pricing!

Get Power in Pricing

Do you want to...

...create seamless invoices and proposals in no time?

...package your offerings in a way that makes sense to your clients AND maximizes your profits?

...price for profits that will support your growth as a business?

...answer pricing objections and questions with no problem? 

...explain your value before even talking to a client on the phone?

...predict your profits and margins for a project before you ever start?

...know exactly how much you deserve to make for your wedding invitations?

...find confidence, clarity, and structure in pricing that makes clients love to pay you?



This is exactly why I created Power in Pricing!

I used to want all of these things. I used to lower my invoices because I didn't think a client would pay "that much" for my work.

I used to feel in my heart that I didn't deserve what I knew in my brain I needed to charge.

I used to provide pricing with no real reason behind it, because I felt pressured to respond immediately or fit into a client's budget.

I used to not be able to sleep after sending a proposal to a potential client. 

I used to check my competitors' pricing constantly to make sure I was "on par". 

I used to be afraid of losing every job to the cheapest option available - Etsy, Minted, the other local stationers, someone I followed on Instagram! Just anyone.


Now, I expect clients to earn discounts from me if they want to spend less.

Now, I don't let my heart do the pricing (it's not very good at math!).

Now, I know exactly WHY every pricing decision is made.

Now, I feel powerful when I send over a new quote.

Now, I stay in my lane and don't pay attention to my competitors' pricing at all.

Now, I know how to communicate why I'm better than Etsy - without even saying a word. 

And, now, I get more jobs and make more money than I ever imagined possible.  And you can too!

4 Hours + 

Over 4 hours of video content from expert designer Laney Schenk of Design by Laney 

Deep Dive

Into Laney's REAL back-end numbers, common vendors, and calculations that drive pricing


Workbook exercises to adapt strategies into your own business!

"I confidently doubled my fees after this course and have yet to have someone turn me down due to pricing!" 

Get Power in Pricing!

5 Content Modules:


1. Pricing Theory

This is the "why" behind your pricing strategies! This section includes topics like hourly rates, margins, general pricing strategies, and types of invitations

2. Pricing Logistics

Teaches you how to accept payment, what policies to have in place, and how to physically quote your clients' projects



3. Pricing Exercises

In this section, you'll get a deep dive into the real numbers that drive our business while we price together: a simple job, a Save the Date project, upgrades with assembly, printing at home, printing through multiple vendors, and finish it off with a complex job calculation! 


4. Talking about Money

This section teaches you how to communicate your value, handle objections like a pro, and remove the emotions from your pricing calculations! 

5. Pricing for Growth

Growth includes semi-custom invitations, raising your prices, overhead, and outsourcing! 

My goals for this course...


I want to empower you to set prices, streamline your offerings, and create invoices that make sense.

I want to empower you to know your profit margins on every order - before you spend any money.

I want to empower you to stand by your pricing without batting an eye.

I want to empower you to walk your clients through your proposals with ease and grace.

I want to empower you to set packages that will maximize your profits.

I want to empower you to upsell your clients in the right way, that doesn’t feel sleazy and serves them best.

I want to empower you to price in a way that makes your clients love paying you.


I want you to take the emotions out of pricing, and learn to confidently, intelligently, and unemotionally price your work the way you need to price to feel valued, successful, and free as a business owner.

Mostly, I want to take all the guesses + questions out of your pricing strategy, and replace them with power.

How it Works

The 45 videos and over 4 hours of content are recorded, and you have unlimited replays and lifetime access to all content

All updates made to Power in Pricing in the future will be included too!

The DIY Workbook to follow along is included in the Intro section of the course - download it for links and print it out to fill out portions of the work as you watch!

You will receive access on August 1 if you purchase during pre-sale. If you purchase after pre-sale, you'll receive the course content immediately.

Check your email upon enrolling for login instructions!

If you have any questions email [email protected]! 

What students are saying...

"...with each video I watched, I was completely blown away. The information is clear and concise with actionable tips. I even watched some sections twice in a row. She tells you EVERYTHING you want to or need to know by giving examples with real numbers and the why behind them, scripts for dealing with pricing objections, and even mindset shifts to help you stop feeling so anxious about each quote/proposal. Laney is incredibly specific, none of the advice is vague, there is no hem-hawing, just straight gold."

-Allison, Wildwood Calligraphy + Post

I AM NO LONGER DREADING WEDDING INVITATION QUOTING AND INVOICING! Ive been "okay" with my design fee (but honestly am always trying to please, which often meant accommodating a lower budget), but now I feel confident in charging my worth. I would DREAD creating custom proposals for my clients because I hate math and didnt have systems in place to streamline this process. PIP gave me those resources, sure, but more importantly, explained them in full and broke down what the calculations actually mean for me, my clients, and the future of my business.

-Tess, My Father's Daughter Designs

"Design by Laney’s Power in Pricing Course will give you the foundation needed to get your pricing in working order. The lessons are straight to the point - not the usual fluff you may find in other courses. And her tips will not only better your customer service but also solidify your position as a professional in the industry. If you are struggling with how to get started or tweak your pricing, this course is for you."

-Monique, Only One Mark

"Laney's Power in Pricing course is an absolute MUST if you're looking to reevaluate the pricing structure in your business. She thoroughly examines every area of pricing you could ever think of and more. I walked away from this course with all of my questions answered and a concrete game plan for my pricing structure moving forward. After taking this course, I finally feel equipped with the tools I need to confidently & consistently price my products."

-Kristen, Paper Fling

"It was so helpful in the most practical sense, as I had none of these spreadsheets before and was able to create so much for myself from your guidance. I didn't have any of this before and I've already set up the necessary beginner spreadsheets while watching the course! I also just set up a general contract that clearly outlines things like reprints, after watching the reprint section. I think everything you've outlined I'll use in my business going forward!"

-Erin, Words Made Semple

Hey, Hi, Hello!

I'm Laney from Design by Laney and I'll be your instructor for Power in Pricing. I came from a Fortune 10 company - working with multi-million-dollar businesses on the regular - to running a six-figure design and education firm. I've educated thousands of creative entrepreneurs on how to run successful businesses in many fields, with a focus on wedding industry creatives. My goal is to overturn the "starving artist" trope and show everyone who's ever asked "But what do you do *for money*?" just how successful a business in the arts can be! 

I currently live in Denver, Colorado with my fiance and studio pup, Bodie! Check out all of my free tutorials on YouTube! I even offer a free 7-day Invitation Design Crash Course which you can sign up for here

Get Power in Pricing Now

Take control of your profits with Power in Pricing - and create proposals that your clients LOVE to pay! 

Get Power in Pricing!