Starting an invitation business,

but don't know where to start? 

Not feeling confident to book clients? Not sure how to print your work? Never opened Adobe Illustrator before?

You're in the right place.

Learn how to start a wedding invitation business from the ground up - take your business From Start to Suite!

I'm in - Let's do it!

Does this sound like you?

  • You know about art, but aren't really into the business side of things...
  • You've created a couple invitations, but are realizing that design and printing are tougher than you thought
  • You haven't had much graphic design training and could use some help navigating Adobe programs
  • You aren't feeling confident enough to make your business "real", share your work, and book clients
  • You want to earn a living working for yourself with flexible hours
  • You’ve got a “figure it out” attitude, but don’t want to have to figure EVERYTHING out for yourself
  • You know you have what it takes to start a stationery business, but you trust experts to help you avoid the trial and error stage

...let's build a stationery business that will last!



From Start to Suite is a course that will give you...


...the tools to think about and grow your business like a true CEO, not just a hobby artist

...knowledge from years of experience and hundreds of invitation suites created

...confidence to share your work with the world, book high-value clients, and direct them through the invitation process with ease

...direct tutorials on how to design, print, and produce wedding invitation suites

...an inside look into my custom stationery process, and tools to create your own

...freedom to make your business work for you, not the other way around

...all the secrets, tricks, and tips I've learned over the years that will save you time, money, energy and especially heartache during design, client management, and production


Your business can feel fun, easy, and profitable, all at the same time. I'll show you how.

6 Modules

Over 7 hours of video content in 6 modules from expert designer Laney Ruddell of Design by Laney 

Deep Dive

Into Laney's REAL back-end numbers, processes, tools, and secrets to make your business work for you.

10+ Bonuses

Bonus courses, workbooks, and templates to use and adapt in your business

"She is so knowledgeable about this industry and rather than being a gate-keeper, she’s a cheerleader. She WANTS you to grow and succeed and knows that there is plenty of room for everyone at the top! Needless to say, I highly recommend Laney, her resources and words of advice."

Join From Start to Suite!

6 Modules:

 1. The Business of Invitations

Work ON your business before you start to work IN your business. Learn about the world of invitation design, pricing and marketing techniques, and how to officially start the business and make sure it's "Legit" 

2. The Client Process

Walk through the entire process with me and learn to create your own. We'll talk about dealing with tough clients, streamlining your client and project management, scheduling, and so much more!

3. Getting Started with Invitation Design

Learn about designing invitations with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. We'll start with basic graphic design lessons, learn about fonts and digitizing your sketches, calligraphy and watercolor as well. 


4. The Invitation Suite

This section teaches pieces of the suite, etiquette rules, how to gather information, invitation layouts, and finding design elements. Then, design an entire suite from start to finish with me (Invitation, Reply Card, Details Card, Envelopes)

5. Printing Invitations

Learn about your ideal print vendor toolkit, considerations for printing in-house, popular invitation print methods, and then order some prints with me directly!

6. Invitation Production

It's time to put everything together! We will go through the process of assembly, postage and mailing invitations as well as packaging and shipping.


What you'll get:

  • 7+ Hours of Video Content in 6 modules (1 module per week for 6 weeks!)
  • Clear, actionable steps to starting your business, working with clients, designing and producing beautiful wedding invitation suites
  • The confidence to grow your business with ease
  • CEO Mindset to book high-value clients, create strong boundaries, and work efficiently both in and on your business
  • 10+ Bonus Courses, Downloads and Templates to adapt to your stationery business
  • Lifetime access to the course content
  • All future updates and additions to the course content! 

Bonus Courses

Envelope Printing | Invitation Layouts + Composition


Bonus Templates

Production Sheet | Pricing Sheet Template | Client Questionnaire Templates Process Flow Diagram | Easy Beginner Marketing Plan | Invitation Timeline        10 Steps to a Successful Stationery Consult


Other Free Bonuses

Starting a Business Checklist | Print and Paper Supplier List |  Postage Calculator |  Stationery Branding + Client Worksheet


Join From Start to Suite!

How it Works

All videos are recorded, and you have unlimited replays and lifetime access to all content

From Start to Suite Modules will drip after purchase, so you will receive Module 1 at release, and one Module a week after that!

All updates made to From Start to Suite in the future will be included too!

Downloads, templates, and bonuses will be linked below relevant videos as well as in a ZIP file under the first intro video.

You will receive access to Module 1 on January 17 if you purchase during Early Bird Registration. If you purchase after 1/17/22, you'll receive the first Module immediately.

Check your email upon enrolling for login instructions!

If you have any questions email [email protected]! 

Praise for our courses...

"It’s important for me to feel prepared, so when I started my business, I knew needed education.  Laney has been one of my top resources since I started! Learning from Laney gave me peace of mind and confidence as I started my business. She has a resource for just about anything you can think of regarding a wedding invitation business (as well as everything you hadn’t even thought of yet!), and her guides and classes always exceed my expectations.  It never feels like Laney is holding anything back. I’ve purchased guides or classes that feel lacking in substance or have a lot of “filler,” but I’ve never been disappointed in choosing to learn from Laney. Her resources are jam-packed and I usually watch her classes twice because she gives so much info (pause to take notes- Laney talks fast and it’s all good stuff!)! When new stationers ask me where to get started, she is one of the first people that comes to mind and one of the only ones that I recommend with no caveats. A bonus- love her optimistic approach!"

-Allison, Wildwood Calligraphy + Post

"I started learning from Laney back in 2019 when I was designing my own wedding invitations. I purchased the Invitation Design Guide and it was so incredibly helpful not only with designing invitations for my own wedding but now that I do this for a living, Laney has been incredible from start to finish learning things. Since that first guide I purchased, I have been learning from Laney every month with her Stationery School courses as well as Power in Pricing. She is such an incredible and sweet educator that doesn't sugarcoat things. She is real and I appreciate her approach when teaching no matter what the topic is. She is well rounded in everything business related like SEO, Pricing, Designing, and Marketing. I would recommend her products and coursed to everyone coming from someone who literally got started with Laney, she will guide you through every little thing while growing your business! Laney is literally a ray of sunshine!"

Frequently Asked...

Hey, Hi, Hello!

I'm Laney from Design by Laney and I'll help you take your business from Start to Suite (and sweeeet!). I came from a Fortune 15 company - working with multi-million-dollar businesses on the regular - to running a six-figure invitation design and education firm. I've educated tens of thousands of creative entrepreneurs on how to run successful businesses in many fields, with a focus on wedding industry creatives. My goal is to overturn the "starving artist" trope and show everyone who's ever asked "But what do you do *for money*?" just how successful a business in the arts can be! 

This course was created to provide a full roadmap on how to start a profitable, stable wedding invitation business from the ground up - I'm basically covering everything you're going to need to start booking high-value clients and producing invitations with ease.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado with my husband and studio pup, Bodie! Check out all of my free tutorials on YouTube! 

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